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Ridgewood, New York


functional ceramics and original works-on-paper

Erin Louise Clancy is a visual and ceramic artist based in Ridgewood, Queens.  Her work utilizes traditional techniques and celebrates the home, urban landscapes, and daily rituals. 

Commissions are welcome.

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is a ceramic and visual artist based in Ridgewood, Queens with her husband and partner Solomon Olmstead.  She believes functional ceramics are powerful because they are art objects that we incorporate into our daily lives and rituals.

Process-based art forms have been at the heart of Erin's practice and artwork from the beginning. Since graduating in 2004 from the Pennsylvania State University with a BFA in Printmaking, she has worked extensively in the mediums of printmaking, papermaking, bookbinding, illustration, and collage.  It was at The Pennsylvania State University in 2002 that Erin was introduced to ceramics through their respected program. Ultimately, Erin was drawn to ceramics because it encompasses all the features that she finds compelling about making art: texture, design, negative space, functionality, and accessibility.

Erin utilizes the traditional practices of ceramics and illustration to celebrate the home and the urban landscape.  Every ceramic piece is made by hand with careful thought and intention.